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Harold D Clavin

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Vitiligo Specialists FAQ in Santa Monica, CA

Can vitiligo be cured by vitamin D?

Studies suggest that vitamin D3 increases tyrosinase activity and melanogenesis in vitro [12], which may lead to repigmentation in vitiligo skin lesions. Calcipotriol and tacalcitol, which are vitamin D analogs, are also known to induce repigmentation in patients with vitiligo [13,14].

Does low iron cause vitiligo?

(2014) found a statistically higher prevalence of anemia among vitiligo patients (20%) as compared to control (3%). Interestingly, vitiligo patients in our study were 2.4 times more likely to have microcytic anemia with a significantly lower mean MCV value when compared to controls.

Can turmeric heal vitiligo?

Conclusions: Turmeric cream can be used as an alternative remedy or adjuvant therapy in mild to moderate vitiligo lesions and in those who cannot tolerate the adverse effects of conventional therapies.

Can vitiligo cause liver damage?

In conclusion, patients with vitiligo may develop liver diseases of autoimmune origin, such as PSC.

Can melanin come back after vitiligo?

The pigmented color may also return at any time. “The good news is that the disease is dynamic, with pigment going away and then coming back,” says Ganesan. “We can affect this dynamic by taking stem cells from a person’s hair and skin, then transplanting them to re-pigment the patchy areas.

Can sunlight cure vitiligo?

The spread of vitiligo stopped in 64% of the patients after treatment. Folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation combined with sun exposure can induce repigmentation better than either the vitamins or sun exposure alone. Treatment should continue as long as the white areas continue to repigment.

What food is high in melanin?

Red Cabbage. Rich in: Vitamin C, Sulphur. Benefits: Vitamin C is antioxidant-rich and essential against greying hair. Avocado. Rich in: Vitamin E. Dark Chocolate. Rich in: Antioxidants; Vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Carrots. Rich in: Beta-carotene, Antioxidants.

Does CBD oil help vitiligo?

Restoring the Th1/Th3 balance is thought to be the key mechanism of action, with a possible additional direct inhibiting effect of CBG and CBD on melanocytic apoptosis. These data indicate that CBG/CBD oil significantly reduces the symptoms of vitiligo.

What can be misdiagnosed as vitiligo?

Sarcoidosis can occasionally cause light spots on the skin that look like vitiligo, although it usually looks quite different. Sarcoidosis can also affect the lungs and other organs and should also be treated aggressively.

Is every white patch is vitiligo?

If the spots are not truly white, but hypopigmented and not depigmented (they don’t enhance by Wood’s lamp), then they are NOT vitiligo and could be any number of different diseases and conditions.

Are you born with vitiligo?

Vitiligo usually manifests in the second or third decade of life and is believed to be an acquired condition, though a positive family history is present in 30 to 40 percent of cases. Congenital vitiligo and presentation at birth is a very rare entity, but cases in infancy have been reported.

Does vitamin C help with vitiligo?

Vitamin C has been shown to be effective at skin repigmentation in people with vitiligo. A clinical report describes the use of vitamin supplements in the treatment of vitiligo. Folic acid and/or vitamin B12 and vitamin C levels were abnormally low in most of the 15 people studied.

Can vitiligo stop spreading?

There is currently no cure for vitiligo and no way to prevent the condition. If a person decides to pursue treatment, the aim is generally to restore pigment and prevent depigmentation from affecting more skin. Limiting sun exposure is one of the most effective ways to prevent depigmentation and damage.