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Malicious Cookie Stuffing Chrome Extensions with 1.4 Million Customers

Authored by Oliver Devane and Vallabh Chole 

A number of months in the past, we blogged about malicious extensions redirecting customers to phishing websites and inserting affiliate IDs into cookies of eCommerce websites. Since that point, we’ve investigated a number of different malicious extensions and found 5 extensions with a complete set up base of over 1,400,000

The extensions supply numerous operates corresponding to enabling customers to observe Netflix reveals collectively, web site coupons, and taking screenshots of an internet site. The latter borrows a number of phrases from one other widespread extension referred to as GoFullPage 

Other than providing the meant performance, the extensions additionally observe the person’s looking exercise.  Each web site visited is distributed to servers owned by the extension creator. They do that in order that they will insert code into eCommerce web sites being visited. This motion modifies the cookies on the positioning in order that the extension authors obtain affiliate cost for any gadgets bought.    

The customers of the extensions are unaware of this performance and the privateness threat of each web site being visited being despatched to the servers of the extension authors.  

The 5 extensions are  

Title Extension ID Customers 
Netflix Occasion mmnbenehknklpbendgmgngeaignppnbe 800,000 

Netflix Occasion 2 

flijfnhifgdcbhglkneplegafminjnhn 300,000 

FlipShope – Worth Tracker Extension 


adikhbfjdbjkhelbdnffogkobkekkkej 80,000 

Full Web page Screenshot Seize – Screenshotting 


pojgkmkfincpdkdgjepkmdekcahmckjp 200,000 
AutoBuy Flash Gross sales gbnahglfafmhaehbdmjedfhdmimjcbed 20,000 


Technical Evaluation 

This part accommodates the technical evaluation of the malicious chrome extension ‘mmnbenehknklpbendgmgngeaignppnbe’. All 5 extensions carry out comparable habits.   



The manifest.json units the background web page as bg.html. This HTML file masses b0.js and that is answerable for sending the URL being visited and injecting code into the eCommerce websites. 


The b0.js script accommodates many features. This weblog will give attention to the features that are answerable for sending the visited URLs to the server and processing the response.  

Chrome extensions work by subscribing to occasions which they then use as triggers to carry out a sure exercise. The extensions analyzed subscribe to occasions coming from chrome.tabs.onUpdated. chrome.tabs.onUpdated will set off when a person navigates to a brand new URL inside a tab.

As soon as this occasion triggers, the extension will set a variable referred to as curl with the URL of the tab by utilizing the tab.url variable. It creates a number of different variables that are then despatched to d.langhort.com. The POST information is within the following format:

Variable Description 
Ref Base64 encoded referral URL 
County The county of the system 
Metropolis Town of the system 
Zip The zip code of the system 
Apisend A random ID generated for the person. 
Title Base64 encoded URL being visited 
ext_name The identify of the chrome extensions 


The random ID is created by deciding on 8 random characters in a personality set. The code is proven beneath: 

The nation, metropolis, and zip are gathered utilizing ip-api.com. The code is proven beneath: 

Upon receiving the URL, langhort.com will examine if it matches an inventory of internet sites that it has an affiliate ID for, and If it does, it would reply to the question. An instance of that is proven beneath: 

The information returned is in JSON format. The response is checked utilizing the operate beneath and can invoke additional features relying on what the response accommodates. 

Two of the features are detailed beneath: 

Outcome[‘c’] – passf_url 

If the result’s ‘c’ such because the one on this weblog, the extension will question the returned URL. It can then examine the response and if the standing is 200 or 404, it would examine if the question responded with a URL. If it did, it might insert the URL that’s obtained from the server as an Iframe on the web site being visited.  

Outcome[‘e’] setCookie 

If the result’s ‘e’, the extension would insert the end result as a cookie. We have been unable to discover a response of ‘e’ throughout our evaluation, however this might allow the authors so as to add any cookie to any web site because the extensions had the proper ‘cookie’ permissions.  

Behavioral move 

The photographs beneath present the step-by-step move of occasions whereas navigating to the BestBuy web site.  

  1. The person navigates to bestbuy.com and the extension posts this URL in a Base64 format to d.langhort.com/chrome/TrackData/ 
  2. Langhort.com responds with “c” and the URL. The “c” means the extension will invoke the operate passf_url() 
  3. passf_url() will carry out a request towards the URL 
  4. the URL queried in step 3 is redirected utilizing a 301 response to bestbuy.com with an affiliate ID related to the Extension house owners 
  5. The extension will insert the URL as an Iframe within the bestbuy.com web site being visited by the person 
  6. Reveals the Cookie being set for the Affiliate ID related to the Extension house owners. They may now obtain a fee for any purchases made on bestbuy.com  

Here’s a video of the occasions 

Time delay to keep away from automated evaluation 

We found an attention-grabbing trick in just a few of the extensions that will forestall malicious exercise from being recognized in automated evaluation environments. They contained a time examine earlier than they might carry out any malicious exercise. This was executed by checking if the present date is > 15 days from the time of set up.  


This weblog highlights the danger of putting in extensions, even people who have a big set up base as they will nonetheless comprise malicious code.  

McAfee advises its prospects to be cautious when putting in Chrome extensions and take note of the permissions that they’re requesting.   

The permissions can be proven by Chrome earlier than the set up of the extension. Clients ought to take further steps to confirm the authenticity if the extension is requesting permissions that allow it to run on each web site you go to such because the one detailed on this weblog  

McAfee prospects are protected towards the malicious websites detailed on this weblog as they’re blocked with McAfee WebAdvisor as proven beneath.   

The Malicious code inside the extension is detected as JTI/Suspect. Please carry out a ‘Full’ scan through the product.  

Sort Worth Product Detected 
Chrome Extension Netflix Occasion – mmnbenehknklpbendgmgngeaignppnbe Complete Safety and LiveSafe JTI/Suspect 
Chrome Extension FlipShope – Worth Tracker Extension – adikhbfjdbjkhelbdnffogkobkekkkej Complete Safety and LiveSafe JTI/Suspect 
Chrome Extension Full Web page Screenshot Seize 


Complete Safety and LiveSafe JTI/Suspect 
Chrome Extension Netflix Occasion 2 – flijfnhifgdcbhglkneplegafminjnhn Complete Safety and LiveSafe JTI/Suspect 
Chrome Extension AutoBuy Flash Gross sales  gbnahglfafmhaehbdmjedfhdmimjcbed Complete Safety and LiveSafe JTI/Suspect 
URL www.netflixparty1.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL netflixpartyplus.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL flipshope.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL goscreenshotting.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL langhort.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL Unscart.in McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 
URL autobuyapp.com McAfee WebAdvisor Blocked 



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