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Qwiic Digital Desk Signal with MicroMod – Information

Make a Qwiic-enabled digital desk signal with a MicroMod SAMD51 Processor Board’s USB Host and a USB keyboard!




“The place’s Bobby?” A query that comes up when at work. Whereas our Product Documentation Lead, Bobby Chan, is often at his desk, there are occasions that he must stroll away for lunch, take a 15-minute break, head into a gathering, or examine stock. To assist notify others of the place he could also be, he made the Qwiic-enabled digital desk signal utilizing the SAMD51’s USB host and a USB keyboard to kind brief customized messages whereas he is away!

On this tutorial, you discover ways to construct a helpful LCD system using our Qwiic Join and MicroMod ecosystems that shows no matter knowledge you need to share with your coworkers, household, pals, or enemies. If this appears like a venture that you just need to construct, or should you’ve ever wished to get began with Qwiic and/or MicroMod, it is a excellent beginning place.

Qwiic Digital Desk Signal with MicroMod Challenge Tutorial


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