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California Eye Clinic

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Robert E Beer

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2221 Balfour Rd. – Suite A
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Adams, Sue – California Eye Clinic

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George C Scrimshaw Facs

1586 Regent Dr
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Robert Ernest Beer

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Degnan Kevin

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Robert Beer, M.D.

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2221 Balfour Rd, Suite A
Brentwood, CA 94513

Penniman Holly A – Robert Beer

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2221 Balfour Rd, #A
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Brentwood Laser & Aesthetics

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600 Triangle Ctr Ste 400
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Arrow Michael A Dds

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1801 1St Ave # 3A
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Brentwood Foot & Ankle Clinic

(925) 634-1009
625 9Th Ave Ste 230
Brentwood, CA 94513

Cary Karim Canoun

(925) 324-7404
1106 Douglas St Ste D
Brentwood, CA 94513

Ear Piercings FAQ in Brentwood, CA

What is the gunk on my earrings?

What Is the Gunk On My Earrings? A. The gunk you’re referring to is sometimes called ear cheese. It’s a mixture of dead cells, bacteria, sweat and oils that accumulate because of natural bodily processes and a lack of exfoliation in the area.

Why do earring holes smell?

Dead cells mix with sebum to create an awful smell. Sebum is an oily substance created by the sebaceous glands which make the skin waterproof. When an earring hole hasn’t been cleaned properly, the sebum will mix with the dead cells caused by the pierced skin to create a gross smell.

What kind of earrings won’t hurt your ears?

Generally speaking, you want to avoid nickel and opt for at least 14k gold (anything less usually contains nickel or brass) or sterling silver 925. If your ears are still reacting negatively, try posts made of medical-grade stainless steel or titanium, which tend to be the least reactive.

What is the safest piercing?

Safest Piercings Along with the nostrils and belly button, the earlobes are the safest and most common body part to be pierced. The flesh of the earlobe heals well when the area is cleaned regularly and the piercing is done at the proper angle.

What hurts more to get pierced?

The nostril piercing is considered slightly more painful than ears and lips and this is because you are piercing through cartilage which is tougher than skin and therefore hurts a little bit more. However, most people describe a nostril piercing as a very brief sting that makes your eyes water and can make you sneeze.

What happens if I take my earring out if it’s infected?

If a new piercing is infected, it is best not to remove the earring. Removing the piercing can allow the wound to close, trapping the infection within the skin. For this reason, it is advisable not to remove an earring from an infected ear unless advised by a doctor or professional piercer.

What do ear piercings help with?

The piercing associated with the inside corner of your ear helps relieve any chronic pain, such as the spinal and lower back. It is one of the more intense ear piercings to get, but many people get it done nowadays for its benefits. Some have even reported it helps aid indigestion.

Where is the safest place to get your ears pierced?

Although most mall kiosks disinfect their tools, you can’t actually sterilize a piercing gun because they are made of plastic. Piercing guns are also less exact and can damage your earlobe. It might seem intimating, but best place to get your ears pierced is actually a tattoo parlor.

What piercing should you not get?

“The most dangerous piercings are the ones that involve cartilage, like higher ear piercings,” says Tracy Burton, a pediatric nurse practitioner in Ontario. “These piercings are associated with poor healing because of the limited blood supply to the area.

What’s the most painless piercing?

daith piercing. rook piercing. conch piercing.