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Dinh, Anthony H – Elite Plastic Surgery & Laser

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Sasha Cosmetics Corp.

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Elite Plastic Surgery & Laser

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Salem Hospital Diabetes & Nutrition Education2561 Center St Ne
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Lampson Aesthetics Medical Group, Incorporated

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Garden Grove Dermatology Center

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Kien T Le

12311 Louise St
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West Golden Out Patient

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Kim Daniel S

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960 Liberty St Se # 170
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Doctor’S Medical Group

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875 Oak St Se # 4060
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Su Thanh Mai

10092 Chapman Ave Ste 1
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Mai Su Thanh

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960 Liberty St Se Ste 170
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Ear Piercings FAQ in Garden Grove, CA

Should I take my earring out if it’s infected?

Don’t take out the earring! Clean the infected area 3 times a day. Wash hands with soap and water before touching the ear or earring. Use cotton swab (“Q-Tip”) dipped in pierced ear solution (see #3 below).

What piercing should you not get?

“The most dangerous piercings are the ones that involve cartilage, like higher ear piercings,” says Tracy Burton, a pediatric nurse practitioner in Ontario. “These piercings are associated with poor healing because of the limited blood supply to the area.

What piercings are in style?

Piercings of all kinds – from multiple ear piercings to face piercings – are among the most popular jewelry trends for 2022. Early 2000s piercing trends, like septum, nose, and lip piercings, made an official comeback and were all over the designer runways this season.

When should you avoid piercings?

Talk to your doctor to consider your risks. If you smoke, are anemic or pregnant, you could also be at risk for infection. “Sometimes during pregnancy, abdominal, genital and nipple piercings can be rejected by the body, which could lead to tearing and scarring,” Dr.

Can your ear rejects a piercing?

Rejection usually happens in the weeks and months following a new piercing, but it can also happen years, even decades, later. If you bump your old piercing in an odd way or have an infection that kicks your immune system into overdrive, you might suddenly see signs of migration and rejection.

What piercings do guys find hot?

The most attractive spot for a piercing is the belly button. The least attractive is a tie between the nose and the nether regions.

What happens if I take my earring out if it’s infected?

If a new piercing is infected, it is best not to remove the earring. Removing the piercing can allow the wound to close, trapping the infection within the skin. For this reason, it is advisable not to remove an earring from an infected ear unless advised by a doctor or professional piercer.

Can you bring your own earrings to get pierced?

In short, yes—you can bring your own jewelry to a piercing shop. However, we recommend that you only do so if the jewelry is made from high-quality materials such as surgical steel, titanium, or gold.

What are some classy piercings?

Helix Piercing. Conch Piercing. Tragus Piercing. Daith Piercing. Rook Piercing. Flat Piercing. Forward Helix Piercing. Septum Piercing.

How many ear piercings can you get at once?

Whether you’re getting one or many, it’s a good idea to have a think about where you want your piercings on your ear. If you want the option to add more later, spacing and position are really important. Note: Most places will only recommend you do a maximum of 2 – 3 piercings in one session.

How do you sleep after ear piercing?

While your piercing heals, you can help minimize discomfort by sleeping on your back instead of your side.