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Drs. David Stoker,Grant Stevens &Michelle A. Spring

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Fein, Howard

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Neal Koss Facs

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Palos Verdes Dental Care

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Howard Fein

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550 Deep Valley Dr Ste 287 – Howard Fein Md Inc
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Harold Arnold Rosenfield


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Scott Curtis Rackett

927 Deep Valley Dr Ste 165
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David R Fellows

927 Deep Valley Dr Ste 175
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Salazar, Sharie – Palos Verdes Dermatology Association

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550 Deep Valley Dr, #287
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

Hyder Ali Mukadam

1733 Addison Rd
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

Ammar, Neal – Beach Cities Dermatology

(310) 265-5515
927 Deep Valley Dr, #165
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

Rackett Scott C

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927 Deep Valley Dr
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

Foot Care Specialists FAQ in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

What do orthopedics do for feet?

Foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons are able to effectively treat complex lower extremity conditions in conjunction with the rest of your body. They specifically evaluate foot problems but can also review other orthopedic issues that may be contributing to foot and ankle pain.

Can you self refer to a podiatrist?

Self-referral: You are able to self-refer directly into the podiatry service, you do not need to visit your GP.

Is Vicks Vapor Rub good for neuropathy?

Vicks Vapor Rub® – Massaging one’s feet with Vicks, particularly at night, soothes neuropathic pain and distress in one’s feet and legs.

What is the number one medicine for neuropathy?

The main medicines recommended for neuropathic pain include: amitriptyline – also used for treatment of headaches and depression. duloxetine – also used for treatment of bladder problems and depression. pregabalin and gabapentin – also used to treat epilepsy, headaches or anxiety.

How do I know if my foot pain is serious?

Have severe pain or swelling. Have an open wound or a wound that is oozing pus. Have signs of infection, such as redness, warmth and tenderness in the affected area or you have a fever over 100 F (37.8 C) Are unable to walk or put weight on your foot.

What part of the foot hurts with neuropathy?

Typically, the nerve pain first affects the toes and surrounding areas, and it may then slowly spread to the rest of the feet and up the legs. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include: tingling, burning, sharp, or shooting pain in the toes or feet. the sensation of an electric shock in these areas.

What is the best treatment for neuropathy in your feet and legs?

Regular exercise, such as walking three times a week, can reduce neuropathy pain, improve muscle strength and help control blood sugar levels. Gentle routines such as yoga and tai chi might also help.

Can a podiatrist do surgery?

Podiatric surgeons offer comprehensive surgical care for a wide variety of problems, including: bunions (hallux valgus) problems with the toes (e.g. hammer toes) nerve entrapments of the foot and ankle.

Can you regain ability to walk?

Physical Therapy In order to recover walking after SCI, you must retrain the brain, spinal cord, and muscles to work in sync again through highly repetitive and task-specific movement. The more you practice, the stronger the neural pathways get and the more familiar the movements become.

What is Cinderella foot?

The so-called “Cinderella Procedure” is a preventive bunion correction that results in a narrower foot. The point of the Cinderella Procedure is to be able to wear a shoe that didn’t fit comfortably before. The Cinderella Procedure is actually a combination of procedures used together to achieve the desired results.

What is better than a podiatrist?

Unlike podiatrists that only treat the foot and ankle, an orthopedic doctor also treats other body parts such as the knees, hips, and spine. If podiatrists are foot and ankle doctors, orthopedists are bone and joint specialists. Orthopedists can treat various musculoskeletal issues.

Can your feet indicate heart problems?

Swelling: When heart failure happens, it can make fluid build-up in the body, causing feet and ankles to swell. This can also happen in other body parts, leading to rapid weight gain. Numbness and Pain: When these symptoms occur in the feet it can be an indication of peripheral artery disease.