VI Peels Circle Pines MN

Will my face be red after a VI Peel in Circle Pines, MN? You are likely to experience some mild redness, skin flaking, and irritation from a light chemical peel for a few days. Recovery is rapid, and after repeated treatments, these side effects will likely subside. Are VI chemical peels worth it in Circle … Read more

Skin Rashes & Infections Willmar MN

What are two serious signs of a skin infection in Willmar, MN? Pus or fluid leaking out of the cut. Red skin around the injury. A red streak that runs from the cut toward your heart. A pimple or yellowish crust on top. Sores that look like blisters. Pain that gets worse after a few … Read more

Skin Spa Cottage Grove MN

What is the number 1 dark spot remover in Cottage Grove, MN? Urban Skin Rx’s Even Tone Cleansing Bar is our best overall pick for its dermatologist recommended formula that contains azelaic acid, kojic acid, and niacinamide—all actives that have been proven to fade spots. What do you wear to a spa facial in Cottage … Read more

Wart Treatments Burnsville MN

What’s the black stuff in a wart in Burnsville, MN? Why Do Some Warts Have Black Dots in Them in Burnsville, MN? If you look closely, many skin warts contain a number of black dots that resemble little seeds. These specks are visible blood vessels that are supplying the wart with nutrients and oxygen. Is … Read more

Laser Treatment Chanhassen MN

Why do you have to wait 4 weeks for laser in Chanhassen, MN? The laser’s energy won’t do as much damage to follicles that are shedding or dormant. As you wait a few weeks between each treatment, more hair will move from dormant or shedding and into the active growing stage, allowing your next treatment … Read more

Chronic Itchy Skin Specialists South Saint Paul MN

What is the first stage of lupus in South Saint Paul, MN? The first symptoms of lupus usually occur somewhere between the teen years and the 30s and may be mild, severe, sporadic, or continual. Common general symptoms include fatigue, fever, and hair loss. Lupus can also affect individual organs and body parts, such as … Read more

Lice Specialists Shakopee MN

What time of year is lice common in Shakopee, MN? The peak season for lice infestation is August through October and again in January. Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood. Lice come in three forms: nits (eggs), nymphs (baby lice), and adults. Nits are white or yellowish-brown and about the … Read more

PCA Skin Care Burnsville MN

Is PCA better than SkinCeuticals in Burnsville, MN? From this, one could deduce our recommendation rather easily, but to be clear: If your skin is sensitive, definitely opt for the PCA Skin Gentle Hydrating Face Wash. However, if your skin can tolerate more concentrated chemical exfoliation, you will see far more benefits with the SkinCeuticals … Read more

Ear Piercings Savage MN

What does a healing piercing look like in Savage, MN? Discoloration (redness) and itching during healing process are also fairly common. Secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) is part of the healing process and is to be expected. It is liquid when it leaves the body but dries into “crusties.” Piercings will go through … Read more

Insect Bite Treatments Willmar MN

How do you stop bugs from biting me in bed in Willmar, MN? Washing bed sheets and other bedding in high temperatures. Regularly vacuuming your mattress and bed box. Do not store items under the bed. Washing and drying the clothes after returning from a trip. Get professional help to get rid of bed bugs. … Read more