VI Peels Lucedale MS

Which is better for wrinkles microdermabrasion or chemical peel in Lucedale, MS? For deeper wrinkles, a medium or deep chemical peel is the best option. For rough skin caused by sun damage, microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel will work. If you have severe damage or are at risk of melasma, medium or deep chemical … Read more

Pediatric Dermatologists Pass Christian MS

What does dermatitis look like in children in Pass Christian, MS? Children with eczema develop red, dry, itchy patches on the skin that result from inflammation. Itching may be severe and constant. With frequent scratching, the skin may develop blisters, oozing, crusting, or sores from infection. When should I worry about my child’s eczema in … Read more

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal Greenville MS

Can anything remove stretch marks in Greenville, MS? Yes. Although stretch marks are a type of scar that is generally permanent themselves, there are ways to permanently remove stretch marks. Any permanent treatment for stretch marks will involve rebuilding healthy skin tissues beneath the scar and fading the appearance of the current scar. Do most … Read more

Scalp Treatments Ocean Springs MS

How many days should you go without washing hair in Ocean Springs, MS? “The average individual can typically go 2 to 3 days without shampooing their hair. However, if your hair is visibly oily, you may not want to wait that long,” she says. “Usually, you can go longer without washing your hair when your … Read more

Foot Care Specialists Booneville MS

Can your feet indicate heart problems in Booneville, MS? Swelling: When heart failure happens, it can make fluid build-up in the body, causing feet and ankles to swell. This can also happen in other body parts, leading to rapid weight gain. Numbness and Pain: When these symptoms occur in the feet it can be an … Read more

Laser Freckle Removal Olive Branch MS

Do freckles get worse with age in Olive Branch, MS? Freckles often fade or disappear with age, while solar lentigines become more common as people get older. You can help keep freckles from getting darker, and reduce the likelihood that more will appear, by taking steps to shield your skin from sunlight, especially during the … Read more

Lyme Disease Treatments Grenada MS

What does Lyme arthritis feel like in Grenada, MS? The joint may feel warm to the touch or cause pain during movement. Joint swelling can come and go or move between joints, and it may be difficult to detect in the shoulder, hip, or jaw. Lyme arthritis typically develops within one to a few months … Read more

PCA Skin Care Oxford MS

Which brand chemical peel is best in Oxford, MS? Plum Exfoliating Peel With Green Tea. The Plum Exfoliating Peel With Green Tea contains 10% AHA (Glycolic Acid), 5% PHA, and 0.5% BHA. Dr. Sheth’s Medium Strength Peel. Deconstruct Exfoliating Serum. Tvakh 25% AHA + 1% BHA Peeling Solution. The Derma Co 30% AHA + 2% … Read more

Foot Care Specialists Hattiesburg MS

Can compression socks make neuropathy worse in Hattiesburg, MS? Can compression socks make neuropathy worse in Hattiesburg, MS? Compression socks may help neuropathy symptoms, but they may not be suitable for some people. Those with peripheral vascular disease shouldn’t wear these socks as the pressure can aggravate the ischemic disease. Can you regain arch in … Read more

Skin Disorders Bay Saint Louis MS

What are the 4 main skin types in Bay Saint Louis, MS? There are four basic types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. What is a fatal skin disease in Bay Saint Louis, MS? Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome … Read more