Skin Discoloration Treatments Goffstown NH

What color cancels hyperpigmentation in Goffstown, NH? Purple and blue concealers help neutralize yellow and orange hues, as well as correct dark spots and hyperpigmentation and help tone down overly orange skin. (Think about those times you might have gone overboard with self tanner.) How can I reduce melanin in my skin in Goffstown, NH? … Read more

Skin Cancer Specialists Salem NH

How urgent is skin cancer in Salem, NH? You’ll have an urgent referral (within 2 weeks) if you have squamous cell skin cancer. Basal cell skin cancers usually do not need an urgent referral, but you should still see a specialist within 18 weeks. The specialist will examine your skin and may do a biopsy … Read more

Laser Freckle Removal Rochester NH

How much does it cost to get rid of freckles in Rochester, NH? The pricing could be from $500 on up, again depending what laser would work best for your needs. I’d recommend seeing a laser surgeon for a full consultation and get an estimate. Does pigmentation come back after laser in Rochester, NH? Usually, … Read more

Lyme Disease Treatments Concord NH

How do you treat Lyme disease naturally in Concord, NH? vitamin B-1. vitamin C. fish oil. alpha lipoic acid. magnesium. chlorella. cat’s claw. garlic. What is the best treatment for Lyme disease in Concord, NH? For early Lyme disease, a short course of oral antibiotics, such as doxycycline or amoxicillin, cures the majority of cases. … Read more

Skin Disorders Laconia NH

How do I know if my rash is fungal in Laconia, NH? What are symptoms of a fungal rash in Laconia, NH? A fungal rash is often red and itches or burns. You may have red, swollen bumps like pimples or scaly, flaky patches. What are the 4 main skin types in Laconia, NH? There … Read more

Wart Treatments Keene NH

What to do after a wart is removed in Keene, NH? The area should be washed gently once or twice a day and kept clean. A bandage or dressing should only be needed if the area rubs against clothes or may be easily injured. A scab forms and will usually peel away on its own … Read more

Lyme Disease Treatments Dover NH

What is the fastest way to cure Lyme disease in Dover, NH? Antibiotic pills The standard treatment for Lyme disease is an antibiotic taken as a pill. The treatment usually lasts 10 to 14 days. Treatment may be longer depending on your symptoms. It’s important to take all pills as directed even if you’re feeling … Read more

Psoriasis Treatments Concord NH

What is the root cause of psoriasis in Concord, NH? Psoriasis occurs when skin cells are replaced more quickly than usual. It’s not known exactly why this happens, but research suggests it’s caused by a problem with the immune system. Your body produces new skin cells in the deepest layer of skin. What stops psoriasis … Read more

Dermalogica Nashua NH

Is CeraVe really that good in Nashua, NH? Without a doubt, yes. If you’re ever unsure of what to use on your skin, regardless of your skin type or condition, turn to Cerave. The brand has products that contain ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for treating acne, SPF for sun protection, retinol and … Read more

Mole Removal Concord NH

How long do stitches stay in after mole removal in Concord, NH? The stitches from a surgical mole excision are usually removed 1–2 weeks following the treatment. How does vinegar get rid of moles in Concord, NH? Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Secure the cotton ball to your skin tag with a … Read more