What autoimmune disease affects skin?

The symptoms of autoimmune diseases are frequently challenging. Numerous patients with these conditions visit medical professionals in various specialties. Scleroderma and lupus are two conditions that primarily affect the skin and call for dermatological attention. Rheumatologists treat connective tissues, but these illnesses can also affect them. What autoimmune skin condition is most prevalent? The skin … Read more

How is Autoimmune progesterone urticaria treated?

In order to treat or manage autoimmune progesterone dermatitis, ovulation must be suppressed. Combination oral contraceptives are the first line of treatment. An antihistamine and a systemic steroid may be helpful during exacerbations to control this mild cutaneous reaction of autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. Can urticaria be brought on by progesterone? A rare cyclic premenstrual allergic … Read more