Lice Specialists Fairmont WV

What happens if lice gets left untreated in Fairmont, WV? Untreated head lice may degrade the scalp and affects it health and that of the hair. If the follicles become blocked, then hair loss may occur. It is hard to have well-conditioned hair if it is covered in head lice eggs, lice and bacteria. What … Read more

Chickenpox Treatments Morgantown WV

How long to quarantine with chicken pox in Morgantown, WV? The incubation period is 10-21 days (commonly 14-16 days). The contagious period is from 1-2 days before rash appearance until all lesions have crusted, or, in vaccinated people, until no new lesions appear within a 24-hour period. What are the first signs of chickenpox in … Read more

Wart Treatments Huntington WV

What’s the fastest way to remove a wart in Huntington, WV? For common warts, look for a 17 percent salicylic acid solution. These products (Compound W, Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Wart Remover, others) are usually used daily, often for a few weeks. For best results, soak your wart in warm water for a few minutes … Read more

PCA Skin Care Princeton WV

How often should I get a PCA peel in Princeton, WV? This treatment uses mild chemical agents, so it’s usually safe to get light chemical peels every 2 to 5 weeks. Who is a good candidate for PCA in Princeton, WV? PCA candidates should have an appropriate level of consciousness and a cognitive ability to … Read more

Pediatric Dermatologists Charleston WV

What is the difference between a skin doctor and a dermatologist in Charleston, WV? An esthetician, or skin care specialist, provides services geared toward improving the external appearance of your skin. A dermatologist specializes in the health of your skin. Dermatologists are doctors trained to diagnose specific skin conditions and treat them. Which face cream … Read more

Dermalogica Princeton WV

Why Korean skincare is the best in Princeton, WV? Korean beauty products are buzzed about by experts in the beauty world for innovation, high-efficacy, and the use of natural ingredients. Korean beauty is also known for customized and often extensive product layering regimens to deliver a multitude of benefits gently over time. What skincare did … Read more

Pregnancy Skin Care Fairmont WV

Can I use salicylic acid while pregnant in Fairmont, WV? Yes, people can safely apply products containing salicylic acid once or twice a day during pregnancy. Cleansers and toners commonly include this ingredient. However, doctors recommended using products containing salicylic acid no stronger than 2 percent. What products Cannot be used while pregnant in Fairmont, … Read more

Facial Skin Treatments Beckley WV

How can I make my Ageing face look younger in Beckley, WV? Protect your skin from the sun every day. Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan. If you smoke, stop. Avoid repetitive facial expressions. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Drink less alcohol. Exercise most days of the week. Cleanse your skin gently. How can … Read more

Laser Freckle Removal Charleston WV

Do freckles grow back in Charleston, WV? Freckles can appear over a large area of skin and can reappear or become darker in the summer months. Freckles often fade or disappear in the winter months, when new skin cells replace old cells. What color cancels out freckles in Charleston, WV? Choose a color corrector based … Read more

Birthmark Treatments Morgantown WV

Can I laser my birthmark in Morgantown, WV? Laser is used to treat skin birthmarks, such as brown/black spots and vascular lesions (pink or red marks caused by abnormal blood vessels). Vascular lesions include port wine stains and haemangiomas (strawberry naevus). Do birthmarks come back after removal in Morgantown, WV? Keep in mind that laser … Read more