Cosmetic Dermatologist Birmingham AL

Find cosmetic dermatologists in Birmingham, AL. Whether you’re seeking treatment or looking to schedule a preventative screening, we can connect you with the best dermatologists near you in Birmingham, AL.

Local Businesses

Cox Iii, Artemus J – Cox Iii Artemus J

(205) 975-6994
1501 5Th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35290

Infinity Med-I-Spa

(205) 682-9974
2801 John Hawkins Pkwy # 179U
Birmingham, AL 35290

Uab Otolaryngology

(205) 934-9766
1530 3Rd Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233

Mahoney, Anita – Facial Plastic & Rcnstrctv

(205) 824-3223
2010 Patton Chapel Rd # 206
Birmingham, AL 35290

Peter Ray

(205) 939-9369
1600 7Th Avenue South Building Acc316
Birmingham, AL 35233

Oliver Robert I Dr Pc

801 Princeton Avenue Southwest
Birmingham, AL 35211

Cash, Janet

833 Saint Vincents Dr Ste 209
Birmingham, AL 35205

Matthew Karl Abele

2700 10Th Ave S Ste 501
Birmingham, AL 35205

Dr. Paul S. Howard

3401 Independence Drive, Suite 211
Birmingham, AL 35209

Al Cohn

(877) 703-8490
2018 Brookwood Medical Center Drive
Professional Office Building, Suit

Birmingham, AL 35209

Vera Yen Soong

790 Montclair Rd Ste 220
Birmingham, AL 35213

Vision America Of Birmingham

(205) 943-4600
250 State Farm Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35209

Goldfarb Morton

833 Saint Vincents Drive
Birmingham, AL 35205

Owen, Diane – Varicosis & Laser Ctr-Alabama

(205) 822-6333
3055 Lorna Rd # 210
Birmingham, AL 35290

Mccool Brian

833 Saint Vincents Drive
Birmingham, AL 35205

Robert M Pritchett

(205) 933-7710
2700 10Th Ave S – Ste 400
Birmingham, AL 35205

Barry Ginsburg

972 Montclair Rd
Birmingham, AL 35223

Donald Walters

521 Montgomery Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35216

Cox Iii, Artemus J – Uab Otolaryngology Head-Neck

(205) 934-9766
1530 3Rd Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35290

Matthew Abele

(205) 250-6809
1528 Carraway Blvd, Norwood Clnc Box 830230
Birmingham, AL 35234

Cosmetic Dermatologist FAQ in Birmingham, AL

What is the number one cosmetic procedure?

The top cosmetic surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and facelift.

What is a love pimple?

According to doctors, there is a reason why such pimples called “love” or “crush” pimple. They say boys and girls become much too conscious about their appearance when they discover someone has a crush on them and get stressed about their looks. This may result in pimples be on the nose and around the lips.

Do dermatologists look after hair?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists care for people of all ages.

How many types of dermatologists are there?

For those seeking specialization, they can choose to specialize in one or all of the following four main branches: dermatopathology, pediatric dermatology, Mohs Surgery, and cosmetic dermatology.

What procedures do cosmetic dermatologists perform?

Correcting skin tone. Smoothing wrinkles. Removing hair on the face or body. Reducing surface fat. Tightening skin. Removing tattoos. Treating cellulite. Treating acne and acne scars.

What is the #1 best treatment for acne?

Usually the first choice for treating acne is a tetracycline (minocycline, doxycycline) or a macrolide (erythromycin, azithromycin). A macrolide might be an option for people who can’t take tetracyclines, including pregnant women and children under 8 years old.

What is the best procedure to make your face look younger?

Facials (including HydraFacial) Dermaplaning. Microneedling. Chemical Peels. Halo Skin Rejuvenation/Resurfacing. PRP (Platelet- Rich Plasma) Treatment. Juvederm. Botox®

Is dermatology in high demand?

Dermatology: $419k Job growth for dermatologists is healthy, with a 7 percent demand increase year over year for physicians in general, and a much higher demand increase for dermatologists.

Is dermatologist study easy?

Dermatology after 12th, is a long and hard road, but a fulfilling one that can easily secure your future. It is one of the most competitive medical fields, requiring about 11 years of study including internships and residency programs.

Is it better to go to dermatologist or plastic surgeon for Botox?

“Consumers should always seek plastic and reconstructive surgeons for noninvasive procedures, given their vastly superior knowledge of facial anatomy, ability to deal with complications and revisions, and the capacity to choose the best facial rejuvenation technique for each patient using either non-invasive or …

How do I prepare for my first dermatologist visit?

Compile Some Background Information. Write Down All Your Questions. Find Photos of Previous Flare-Ups. Wear Loose Clothing (and Minimal Makeup) Remove Your Nail Polish.

Why is it so hard to find a good dermatologist?

One major reason is that there simply aren’t enough dermatologists available. A cap on medical residency training, an increase in demand for new treatments, and awareness of skin diseases also cause a shortage in available dermatologists.

What happens if you don’t pop an acne?

While waiting is never fun, it’s worth it when it comes to pimple-popping. Basically, what happens if you don’t pop a whitehead is that it goes away on its own, usually in 3 to 7 days. It may happen that you wake up one morning and notice the pimple is gone. Or you may notice the pimple draining.