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Michael Mahon

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Barry I Auster

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Dr.David Baird

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23133 Orchard Lake Rd # 201
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Mahon, Michael J Do – Middlebelt Dermatology Center

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Plastic Surgery Center

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Lepoudre Christine Do

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E N T Specialists Pc

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Hardaway Michelle

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Kent David Do

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Ayalp Tayfur R

28499 Orchard Lake Road
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Jon Blum

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Brandes Warren Do

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Melissa Amy Charnesky

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Michael R Cohen, Do

Hunters Square Bldg 31555 W 14 Mile Rd #103
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Brett Bender, Do

38801 Steeple Chase Apt 28102
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Alberto Aviles

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804 Kenyon Rd Ste N
Farmington, MI 48332

Yaldo Eye Center

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2710 Saint Francis Dr # 419
Farmington, MI 48334

David A Baird

(248) 476-4850
23133 Orchard Lk Rd
Farmington, MI 48336

Vein Ctr At Lumiere Medical Spa

(248) 855-5355
2710 Saint Francis Dr # 310
Farmington, MI 48334

Ear Piercings FAQ in Farmington, MI

What is the Medusa piercing?

What is a medusa piercing? A medusa or philtrum piercing positions a stud in the center groove above the cupid’s-bow of the lip. A piercer usually fits the piercing with a long labret stud. Once the piercing heals, a person can exchange the stud for a shorter stud to avoid causing damage to their teeth and gums.

Which ear piercing is most attractive?

Conch piercings are one of the most attractive types of ear piercings. Named after a shell or a ‘conch’, these types of piercings are done in the center part of your ear.

Is it OK if shampoo touches the piercing?

To avoid infection, keep your hands and anything that touches your new piercing CLEAN. We don’t expect you to stop using hair products during your healing period, but we DO recommend protecting your new piercing from exposure to hair spray and other styling products, including shampoo and conditioner.

Is Claire’s good for ear piercing?

Getting your ears pierced at Claire’s is safe, sterile and easy. Our highly trained specialists provide a touch-free piercing experience that uses single-use sterile cartridges and requires no needles. Our equipment is sanitized before and after every customer.

Can your ear rejects a piercing?

Rejection usually happens in the weeks and months following a new piercing, but it can also happen years, even decades, later. If you bump your old piercing in an odd way or have an infection that kicks your immune system into overdrive, you might suddenly see signs of migration and rejection.

What is a masculine piercing?

Areas of the male genitals that are common for piercings include: Penile shaft. Pubic piercings. Scrotum piercings. Perineum piercings.

When can I sleep on my earlobe piercing?

The general rule of thumb is to avoid sleeping in earrings, with one exception: when you get a new piercing. You’ll need to keep these small studs in for 6 weeks or longer, or until your piercer gives you the OK.

What piercing is most popular?

Lobe Piercings. Cartilage (Helix) Piercings. Nose Piercings. Daith Piercings. Conch Piercings. Tragus Piercings. Rook Piercings. Navel (Belly Button) Piercings.

Why do my ears get infected when I wear earrings?

If the earrings are on too tightly, not allowing room for the wound to breathe and heal, an infection can develop. A piercing can also get infected if there’s too much handling of the piercing or the post of the earring is rough.

What is the least noticeable piercing?

Cartilage piercings like daith, conch, and helix piercings are especially easy to hide. Facial hair is another great way to hide piercings. A beard is an easy way to hide labret and medusa piercings. Smaller, less vibrant pieces are harder to spot.

What is the least painless piercing?

daith piercing. rook piercing. conch piercing.