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John Joseph Schmidt

509 W 17Th St
Pueblo, CO 81003

Luebke, Donald C – Luebke Donald C

(719) 544-7070
960 Caughlin Xing
Pueblo, CO 81001

Luebke Donald C

(719) 544-7070
10401 Double R Blvd
Pueblo, CO 81001

Arguello Silviano L

(719) 545-3555
401 Michigan St
Pueblo, CO 81004

James Joseph Orman

1925 E Orman Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004

Dr.John Schmidt

(719) 543-2211
509 West 17Th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

Bailey Steve

(719) 545-0663
1600 N Grand Ave – Ste 500
Pueblo, CO 81003

Dr.Kim Dernovsek

(719) 564-4500
1600 N Grand Ave # 140
Pueblo, CO 81003

James Raymond Fowler

1501 Court St
Pueblo, CO 81003

Luebke Donald C M D

(719) 544-7070
4100 Jerry Murphy Rd
Pueblo, CO 81001

Skin Renew

(719) 545-8028
1111 Pueblo Boulevard Way
Pueblo, CO 81005

Philip Charles Marin

650 Dittmer Ave
Pueblo, CO 81005

Sharon Marrs Kessler

131 Colorado Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004

Mary Kay Cosmectic – Barra

(719) 251-9849
P.O.Box 8173
Pueblo, CO 81008

Myers, Mary Jo – Aberdeen Surgery Ctr

(719) 565-2000
6630 S Mccarran Blvd # 20
Pueblo, CO 81001

Balizet Louis B

(719) 296-6000
3676 Parker Blvd – Ste 350
Pueblo, CO 81008

The Lawrence Center

10401 Double R Blvd
Pueblo, CO 81003

Donald Clifton Luebke

4100 Jerry Murphy Rd
Pueblo, CO 81001

Sharon Kessler

(719) 542-4388
131 Colorado Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004

Kim K Dernovsek

(719) 564-4500
1600 N Grand Ave – Ste 140
Pueblo, CO 81003

Ear Piercings FAQ in Pueblo, CO

How do I protect my ear piercing when washing my hair?

Flip your hair to the opposite side of your head so you can avoid getting an excessive amount of water or any product in the wound. Make sure you stay in this position until you’ve completely rinsed the product out of your hair before gently patting your ear dry.

How long until you can sleep on a piercing?

How long until I can sleep on my piercing? Usually, it’s safe to sleep after 3 to 4 months. However, some sleepers can take as many as six months and more before they can sleep on the affected side without pain.

Why do earrings go black?

Oxidisation, also known as tarnishing, is a natural process for your jewellery to go through and is a product of chemical reaction that is caused by the other metals that are mixed with the silver, reacting to natural and synthetic chemicals in the air and on your skin.

How do I know if my ear piercing is healed?

Typically, ear lobe piercings take around 4-6 months, while upper or inner ear piercings take between 6-12+ months to fully heal. You’ll know your ear is healed once any discharge, swelling, redness, flaking, or soreness stops.

Which ear piercings are easiest to heal?

“Ear lobe piercings are generally the easiest to heal, but at the same time we advise caution against getting too many piercings at one go,” says Brooks. “Build up your look over time.”

Can you bring your own earrings to get pierced?

In short, yes—you can bring your own jewelry to a piercing shop. However, we recommend that you only do so if the jewelry is made from high-quality materials such as surgical steel, titanium, or gold.

What is the most low maintenance piercing?

Septum Piercings. The septum takes from 1 to 3 months to heal. Oral Piercings – Especially the Tongue & Webbing! The tongue takes from 3 to 4 weeks to heal, the lip 2 to 3 months and the tongue webbing 8-10 weeks. Eyebrow Piercings. Earlobe Piercings. Genital Piercings.

What not to do before a piercing?

Don’t arrive drug or alcohol affected. Wear clean, comfortable clothing that is suitable for the piercing e.g know that if you wear a dress for a nipple piercing appointment – it will be coming off! If you want to – arrange for a supportive friend to go with you.

What piercings are in style?

Piercings of all kinds – from multiple ear piercings to face piercings – are among the most popular jewelry trends for 2022. Early 2000s piercing trends, like septum, nose, and lip piercings, made an official comeback and were all over the designer runways this season.

What are some classy piercings?

Helix Piercing. Conch Piercing. Tragus Piercing. Daith Piercing. Rook Piercing. Flat Piercing. Forward Helix Piercing. Septum Piercing.