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Victor Beraja

2550 S Douglas Rd Ste 100
Miami, FL 33134

Rafael Gottenger

(305) 669-0900
7500 Sw 87Th Ave Suite 202
Miami, FL 33173

Leyda E Bowes

3659 South Miami Ave – Suite 6008
Miami, FL 33133

Berke Alam L

(305) 940-7546
1400 Ne Miami Gardens Dr Ste 202
Miami, FL 33169

Ana Lamas

2000 Sw 27Th Ave Ste 301
Miami, FL 33145

Epstein Jeffrey S Facs

6280 Sunset Drive Suite 504
Miami, FL 33143

Mel Ortega

(305) 412-9990
9950 Sw 107Th Avenue #100
Miami, FL 33176

George Arthur Levine

8700 N Kendall Dr Ste 102
Miami, FL 33176

Herman, Brad P – Miami Plastic Surgery

(305) 595-2969
8940 Sw 88Th St Ste 903E
Miami, FL 33176

Mesotherapy Clinic @ Mbod Medical Spa

(305) 374-7011
1717 N Bayshore Dr, #230
Miami, FL 33132

Leyda Bowes

3659 S Miami Ave Ste 6008
Miami, FL 33133

Shipman, Teresa – U M Plastic Surgery

(305) 585-5285
1611 Nw 12Th Ave # 3019
Miami, FL 33196

Pedrozo, Alejandro

351 Nw 42Nd Ave Ste 502
Miami, FL 33126

Seth R Thaller

(305) 585-1288
1611 Nw 12Th Ave – Box 016960 M851
Miami, FL 33136

Richard Jay Feinstein

3661 S Miami Ave Ste 1005
Miami, FL 33133

Victor H Witten

6721 Sw 88Th Ter
Miami, FL 33156

Hasan, Anthony – Center Cosmetics

(305) 668-8201
1535 Sunset Dr
Miami, FL 33196

Lilianne Sobrado

(305) 270-0402
8525 Sw 92Nd St – Suite D-17
Miami, FL 33156

Jesse Orlando Basadre

351 Nw 42Nd Ave Ste 501
Miami, FL 33126

Oeltjen, John C – University Of Miami Plastic

(305) 256-5057
9380 Sw 150Th St
Miami, FL 33196

Baby & Infant Skin Specialists FAQ in Miami, FL

What does seborrhea look like on babies?

Seborrhea looks: red and moist in skin creases and folds (like the neck and behind the ears) yellowish with greasy patches or crusts. scaly or flaky.

What are two of the most common problems associated with aging skin?

Dry skin and itching. Bruises. Wrinkles. Age spots and skin tags.

What are 5 common skin problems?

Common skin conditions include acne, contact dermatitis, benign tumors, cancers, atopic dermatitis (also called eczema), and psoriasis.

Is it normal for babies to have skin problems?

It’s quite common for baby to experience a few different skin issues in their first few months of life.

How do you treat uneven skin tone in babies?

Let children expose to the sun early in the morning, the sun’s rays are gentle but not harsh to help synthesize vitamin D and help keep the baby’s skin strong. Light therapy is a commonly applied, simple, safe and effective treatment method.

Can an infant see a dermatologist?

They treat children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. They diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments, from acne to skin cancer. Usually, if your child needs to see a pediatric dermatologist, their pediatrician will refer them. Children can get skin issues or conditions that are different than adults.

What causes baby skin problems?

Skin conditions in babies and kids may include rashes, hives, warts, acne, birthmarks and more. These conditions may be caused by dermatitis, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections or other diseases. Treatment varies from anti-itch creams to pain relievers to antibiotics, depending on the condition.

Is skin disorder serious?

Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent and may be painless or painful. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life threatening.

When should Dad hold baby after birth?

Research has shown that men who hold their baby close in the first 24 hours after their baby is born, report better bonding with their new-born. This is one essential and beautiful result from skin-to-skin contact.

What is a problematic skin?

Acneic prone problematic skin, medically known as Acne Vulgaris, is a skin disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. It is not completely known what causes acne. The primary cause is a rise in androgen levels during an adolescence.

How I cured my baby’s eczema?

Use a mild cleanser and warm water. After a bath of no more than 15 minutes, rinse completely, gently pat your baby dry and apply a fragrance-free cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline), while the skin is still damp. Moisturize at least twice a day, perhaps at diaper changes.