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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

(847) 382-4160
680 North Lake Shore Drive Suite 930
Barrington, IL 60010

National Rosacea Society

196 James St
Barrington, IL 60010

Van Dam Dermatology

(866) 458-2820
740 W Northwest Hwy
Barrington, IL 60010

Amy Derick

1531 S Grove Ave Unit 101
Barrington, IL 60010

Rosemary Chen

11 N Meadow Ct
Barrington, IL 60010

Amy Jane Derick

(847) 381-8899
1531 S Grove Ave – Suite 101
Barrington, IL 60010

Fallon Jerome D

740 West Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL 60010

Shah Sheth Una

(847) 277-1200
420 W Northwest Hwy
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Gunnar Thors

(847) 458-8808
Po Box 410
Barrington, IL 60011

Dr.Stephen Madry

(847) 382-9902
27750 W Il Route 22 # 15
Barrington, IL 60010

Churchill Gary S

680 N Lake Shore Dr Ste 930
Barrington, IL 60010

Dillon Paul

27750 West Il Route 22
Barrington, IL 60010

Derick Dermatology

(847) 986-8668
1531 S Grove Ave # 101
Barrington, IL 60010

Khanna, Vic – Khanna Vic

(847) 381-3000
500 W Il-22
Barrington, IL 60010

Derick, Amy – Derick Dermatology

(847) 381-8899
1531 S Grove Ave, Ste 101
Barrington, IL 60010

Madry Stephen Sc

450 West Il Route 22
Barrington, IL 60010

Berti Jeffery J

740 West Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL 60010

Gregory Michael Bazell

4 Executive Ct Ste 3
Barrington, IL 60010

Dermuss Dermatology

(847) 277-1200
420 W Northwest Hwy Ste L
Barrington, IL 60010

Laser Hair Removal, Dr Amy Derick

(224) 633-1500
1531 S Grove Ave, Ste 101
Barrington, IL 60010

Tattoo Removal FAQ in Barrington, IL

Why do you have to wait 6 weeks between tattoo removal?

About six weeks is the ideal waiting time between laser treatments because that allows the treated area to heal while the immune system gets rid of the ink. Following the treatment aftercare instructions can help increase the rate of removal and keep your skin in the best condition possible.

Which skin type is best for tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is more effective for individuals with lighter skin (specifically Fitzpatrick type 1 or 2 skin types). Because lighter skin does not significantly absorb laser light, most of the laser energy is focused on the tattoo pigment. In contrast, dark skin siphons a portion of laser light from the tattoo.

How long does skin hurt after tattoo removal?

Redness, tenderness and swelling usually subside a day or two after treatment. Blisters start forming within 24 hours after treatment and they may appear alarming, but these indicate that your body is healing as it should.

What pulls ink out of a fresh tattoo?

The safest way to quickly remove a tattoo is by laser therapy.

Do tattoos get worse with age?

Add in the wear and tear of the years, and you can expect some changes over time. A tattoo is part of your skin, any significant deterioration that happens to your skin affects the ink. Generally, the change is slow and the better care you take of your skin, the better the tattoo’s appearance remains.

What is the hardest color tattoo to remove?

Laser tattoo removal works when the color in the ink absorbs the energy from the laser. Different colors of ink absorb color differently. Specifically, lighter colors like white, yellow, light blue, and pink are the most difficult to remove, as are green, red, and neon colors.

Is one session enough for tattoo removal?

An average of 10-12 sessions are usually required to eliminate a tattoo, but each case is unique and may require more or fewer treatments. The frequency of treatments depends on your tattoo, the most common time frame between treatments would be 6-8 weeks.

Do people regret tattoo removal?

“However, with age and lifestyle changes, many of these people – up to 25 percent — admit they now regret the skin art,” said Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg, a dermatologist at CareMount Medical. In fact, the demand for tattoo removal has become an emerging trend.

Can I remove my tattoo at home?

The DIY methods you can find online simply aren’t strong enough to remove pigments from the dermis — most of them affect the epidermis only. Some methods can even damage the skin and lead to unpleasant side effects. Below are some of the most touted at-home tattoo removal methods and why they don’t work.

How can I remove a tattoo naturally?

Another effective way of naturally removing tattoos is by using sand powder and mixing it with aloe vera to create a paste mixture. Take about 1/4 cup of sand powder and aloe vera gel, combine them to create a gooey paste, and apply it multiple times a day over your tattoo until it vanishes.

Why can’t you donate blood after getting a tattoo?

The American Red Cross require a 12-month waiting period after receiving a tattoo in an unregulated facility before a person can donate blood. This is due to the risk of hepatitis. Hepatitis is a type of liver inflammation.