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Ear Piercings FAQ in Dubuque, IA

Can I take out my ear piercing after 2 weeks?

At two weeks, the piercing is not healed. You really should not remove the earring at all until it is completely healed. Taking it in and out before it heals just risks infection and injury, makes it longer to heal, and risks that you won’t be able to heal right and keep an earring in it.

What piercings dont reject?

By comparison, a non-surface piercing such as an earlobe, ear cartilage, lip or tongue do not reject as they pierce all the way through from one side to the other.

Do any ear piercings hurt?

It’s normal to have some redness, swelling or pain for a couple of days after getting your ears pierced. But your ears should look and feel better each day. If you find that your ears do great and then suddenly start to become red, inflamed or crusty a week or two later, that’s usually a sign of infection.

Should I take my earring out if it’s infected?

Don’t take out the earring! Clean the infected area 3 times a day. Wash hands with soap and water before touching the ear or earring. Use cotton swab (“Q-Tip”) dipped in pierced ear solution (see #3 below).

Why do you feel faint after a piercing?

If you have no underlying health conditions, fainting during a piercing or tattoo is usually caused by something called Vasovagal or ‘reflex’ Syncope. This is a reflex reaction to trauma, pain, or any other distress, and is responsible for over 50% of fainting episodes!

How many ear piercings can you get at once?

Whether you’re getting one or many, it’s a good idea to have a think about where you want your piercings on your ear. If you want the option to add more later, spacing and position are really important. Note: Most places will only recommend you do a maximum of 2 – 3 piercings in one session.

What should I wear after getting my ears pierced?

However, we recommend only wearing small or light stud earrings for your first piercing. For one thing, small studs are much less likely to catch on things and get ripped out. They’re also more comfortable to sleep in (which is important when your piercing is still healing).

What is the longest piercing to heal?

Lobe: 3-4 Months. Navel: 9-12 Months. Nostril: 6-9 months. Septum: 3-4 months. Eyebrow: 3-5 months. Cheek: 12-18 months. Tongue: 6-8 weeks. Paired Lip Piercings: 3-4 months.

What piercing is most popular?

Lobe Piercings. Cartilage (Helix) Piercings. Nose Piercings. Daith Piercings. Conch Piercings. Tragus Piercings. Rook Piercings. Navel (Belly Button) Piercings.

What are some classy piercings?

Helix Piercing. Conch Piercing. Tragus Piercing. Daith Piercing. Rook Piercing. Flat Piercing. Forward Helix Piercing. Septum Piercing.

How long until you can sleep on a piercing?

How long until I can sleep on my piercing? Usually, it’s safe to sleep after 3 to 4 months. However, some sleepers can take as many as six months and more before they can sleep on the affected side without pain.