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Deutsch, Herbert J – South Jersey Ent

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1101 Kings Hwy N # 306
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Gary Marc Brownstein

102 Browning Ln Bldg A Ste 1
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Lyle Back

1942 Route 70 East
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Gatti John E

(856) 354-6100
409 Kings Hwy S
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Palen, April – Dermatology & Skin Care Assoc

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200 Kings Hwy S
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Hughes, Susan M – Dr New You

(856) 751-4554
1765 Springdale Rd # B2
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Rosalie Kathryn Marinari

211 Barclay Pavilion W Ste 211
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

South Jersey Enterprise

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1101 Kings Hwy N Ste 306
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Cooper Urology

1103 Kings Highway North Suite 101
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Lentine, Lynn – Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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1916 Route 70 E # 1
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

South Shore Plastic Surgery

(856) 347-8299
1401 Route 70 East Suite 22
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Scheiner, Edward D Do – Allergy Center Of South Jersey

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1924 Marlton Pike E
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Dob, Karen – Associates In Ear Nose Throat

(856) 424-5010
1910 Marlton Pike E # 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Paul J. Sedacca, M.D.

(856) 424-3350
1910 Marlton Pike E # 10
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Bresalier Howard J Do

1910 Marlton Pike East Suite 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Cosmetic Surgery Center

(856) 751-7550
1942 Marlton Pike E
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Schwartz, David N – Associates In Ear Nose Throat

(856) 424-5010
1910 Route 70 E # 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Belafsky, Robert B – Belafsky & Belafsky

(856) 424-5010
1910 Marlton Pike E # 4
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Dob, Karen – Center-Laser & Cosmetic Srgry

(856) 424-5010
1910 Marlton Pike E # 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Begoes, Cathy – Belafsky & Belafsky

(856) 424-5010
1910 State Hwy 70 E # 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Laser Freckle Removal FAQ in Cherry Hill, NJ

Who gets freckles?

Anybody can have freckled skin, but the colour of the specks may be lighter or darker depending on your hair and skin colour. People with red-coloured hair and fair skin are more likely to have freckles, but this is just one of many factors that affect whether skin freckles.

What are the disadvantages of laser treatment?

Irritation and Redness. It is one of the most common disadvantages of laser treatment for the skin. Crusting. Change in Skin Color. Eye Injuries. Skin Infections. Excessive Skin Dryness. It Takes Time for Results to Show. Pigmentation Risk.

Does coconut oil fade freckles?

The natural vitamins in coconut oil have fantastic healing properties for skin. People who have applied coconut oil to scars and age spots have said that it lightens them and reduces their appearance. It may also help to fade other skin discolorations like stretch marks, freckles, birthmarks, and uneven pigmentation.

Can dermatologist remove freckles?

To fade your freckles, your dermatologist may recommend: Laser Therapy: Effective for many pigmentation irregularities, laser therapy can zap away freckles as well. The lasers can fade the extra pigmentation, boost collagen production, and resurface the skin with new cells.

What are the side effects of laser?

Mild swelling around the hair follicles. Pigment changes may occur, especially in those with darker skin – these changes are usually temporary. Slight redness of the skin. Temporary irritation resulting in blistering, crusting, scarring or other changes in skin texture.

Will freckles come back after laser removal?

Will my freckles or age spots come back after laser treatment? While the pigment that is removed by laser treatments does not return, new freckles or age spots can appear in the treatment area (or elsewhere). To make this less likely, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible.

Can large freckles be removed?

If your freckles are determined to be benign, they can be removed by treatments including lasers, peels, or prescription topical creams or a combination depending on the kind of freckles you have and your skin type.

How long does it take for brown spots to fade after laser?

After a few hours post treatment the redness will subside. During week one your dark spot will appear as dark brown “speckles,” and then will “flake off” during weeks 1-3. During weeks 1-3 you will notice your dark spot has significantly faded or has completely disappeared.

Are permanent freckles moles?

Freckles and moles are two different types of skin growths. Freckles occur as a result of sun exposure or genetics, whereas moles appear after skin cells develop into a cluster instead of spreading out into the skin.

Do freckles naturally go away?

Freckles May Fade Some people have freckles that fade away almost completely in the winter and return in the summer. Other people’s freckles don’t change much with or without the sun and can be seen year-round. Freckles also tend to fade as people get older.