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Helen A Mashek

1092 Old Churchmans Rd
Newark, DE 19713

Benjamin Cooper

(302) 652-3331
4745 Ogletown-Stanton Road Medical Arts Pavilion 1 Suite 137
Newark, DE 19713

Warren Katheryn M

(302) 368-9611
62 Omega Dr # E
Newark, DE 19713

Benjamin Cooper

4745 Ogletown-Stanton Road Medical Arts Pavilion1
Newark, DE 19713

Scott Marshall Panzer

537 Stanton Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19713

Peter B Panzer

537 Stanton Christiana Rd Ste 207
Newark, DE 19713

Delaware Ear Nose & Throat

(302) 738-6014
4745 Ogletown Stanton Rd
Newark, DE 19713

Katheryn Melissa Warren

Omega Professional Center Building E-62
Newark, DE 19713

Lawrence Chang

(302) 623-0997
774 Christiana Rd Ste 101
Newark, DE 19713

Cosmetic Surgery Associates


Newark, DE 19711

Malek Abdollah

Centre 78-80 Omega Profes
Newark, DE 19711

Peter B Panzer

(302) 633-7550
537 Stanton Christiana Rd – Suite # 207
Newark, DE 19713

Chang, Lawrence D – Advanced Plastic Surgery Ctr

(302) 623-4004
774 Christiana Rd # 101
Newark, DE 19702

Abel, Ari D – Abel Center For Oculofacial

(302) 283-5437
94 Omega Dr # 96A
Newark, DE 19702

Delmar Surgical & Cosmetic Center

(302) 993-0722
1 Centurian Dr Ste 114
Newark, DE 19702

David Zabel

(302) 996-6400
550 Stanton Christiana Road Suite 202
Newark, DE 19713

Macrae Julia W

62 Omega Professional Centre
Newark, DE 19711

Dr.Lawrence Chang

774 Christiana Road
Newark, DE 19713

Balakhani, Mehdi – Balakhani Mehdi

(302) 368-8900
4745 Ogletown Stanton Rd # 226
Newark, DE 19702

Kyo Ahn Kim

Suite 1208 Medical Arts Pavilion #2
Newark, DE 19713

Lice Specialists FAQ in Newark, DE

What does a dermatologist do for lice?

Your dermatologist may prescribe a medicated shampoo to kill head lice. This product may come with a special comb to run through the hair for removing nits.

Why can I not get rid of lice?

The head lice may have become resistant to the treatment. If the treatment used does not kill the head lice, your health care provider and pharmacist can help you be sure the treatment was used correctly and may recommend a completely different product if they think the head lice are resistant to the first treatment.

What hair Cannot get lice?

Head lice and coily hair: Signs and treatment. Head lice have difficulty gripping onto coily hair. As a result, Black people with coily hair and others with this hair type may be less susceptible to head lice. Head lice are small insects that live in human hair.

What attracts lice to your head?

Lice are attracted to the blood they get through your scalp – short, long, clean or dirty.

How do you tell how long you’ve had lice?

Infestation timeline So if you look on the scalp and see no visible adult lice and several small nits, it’s likely that you’ve caught lice in the earlier stages and had them for less than 2 weeks. Nits and nymphs: 1.5 to 2 weeks. If you see nits and small, moving lice, you’ve likely had lice for 1.5 to 2 weeks.

Can lice be permanent?

The life cycle of the louse starts with a female laying her eggs, which are known as nits. Nits are minuscule, smaller than the head of a pin. They’re hardy too, attaching on the hair shaft close to the scalp with a glue-like adhesive. This is what makes it so tough to get rid of head lice permanently.

Can lice survive a hair dryer?

There are recent studies that show that treatment of lice with heat can be quite effective in killing head lice. Products such as Lousebuster are very effective but even a home hairdryer can successfully treat lice.

Can Apple Cider remove lice?

While there are anecdotal reports that suggest apple cider vinegar as a remedy to kill lice and stop lice infestation, there is no scientific or clinical evidence that supports this claim.

Is it better to comb lice out of wet or dry hair?

Make sure hair stays wet with conditioner during combing. Metal or plastic nit combs are available at your local pharmacy. If the comb tugs the hair, use a wide toothed comb first and more conditioner, then try the nit comb again.

How do you wear your hair when you have lice?

The common braid, a French braid, a fish tail braid, or a crown braid are all excellent hair styles to keep your hair up and out of the way of others. Any braid type that keeps your hair pulled back and contained is perfect for helping to prevent your contact with head lice.

Do lice go on pubic hair?

Pubic lice usually are found in the genital area on pubic hair; but they may occasionally be found on other coarse body hair, such as hair on the legs, armpits, mustache, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Pubic lice on the eyebrows or eyelashes of children may be a sign of sexual exposure or abuse.

Is it possible to only have 1 lice?

Children can have a few nits without actually having a case of head lice. Usually children have no more than 10 to 20 live lice. Good lighting is important when you are checking. Head lice move fast and are hard to see.

How many days does it take to get rid of head lice?

How long does head lice last? With effective treatment, head lice will completely go away after two to three weeks. The duration is dependent on how many lice made a home in your hair. Make sure you follow the instructions on your medicated shampoo, lotion or cream to get rid of lice quickly.

Can lice survive the washing machine?

Either washing done with a water temperature of at least 50 degrees C or drying is necessary to kill head lice and nits.

How do you get rid of nits once and for all?

wash hair with ordinary shampoo. apply lots of conditioner (any conditioner will do) comb the whole head of hair, from the roots to the ends.