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Birthmark Treatments FAQ in Owosso, MI

What do birthmarks mean medically?

Birthmarks are areas of discolored and/or raised skin that are apparent at birth or within a few weeks of birth. Birthmarks are made up of malformed pigment cells or blood vessels. Although the cause of birthmarks is not known, most of them are benign (noncancerous) and do not require treatment.

Why do people get birthmarks?

Birthmarks generally result from an overgrowth of a structure that is normally present in the skin. For example, an overgrowth of blood vessels produces vascular birthmarks or haemangiomas; an overgrowth of pigment cells produces congenital naevi or moles.

What are birthmarks made of?

Birthmarks are made up of malformed pigment cells or blood vessels. Although the cause of birthmarks is not known, most of them are benign (noncancerous) and do not require treatment. Babies with birthmarks should be examined and diagnosed by a health care provider.

Can I remove birthmark without surgery?

Yes. Most types of birthmarks can be removed with laser treatments. The laser used depends upon the type and colour of the birthmark being removed. In some rare cases and depending on the size, surgical excision might be necessary to remove a birthmark.

Is Colgate good for dark spots?

Colgate can get rid of pimples and dark spots Colgate can also help to clear any dark spots you might have. By doing the same thing, the Colgate will help to whiten those pesky marks.

Can I laser my birthmark?

Laser is used to treat skin birthmarks, such as brown/black spots and vascular lesions (pink or red marks caused by abnormal blood vessels). Vascular lesions include port wine stains and haemangiomas (strawberry naevus).

Can you freeze off a birthmark?

Freezing — Liquid nitrogen can be sprayed or swabbed onto the mole. This freezes the mole’s cells and they die. The mole will peel off in a week or two. Burning — An electric current that heats a wire can be used to burn off moles.

How do you hide a brown birthmark?

Camouflage make-up can be used to conceal many birthmarks, whether on a daily basis or for that special occasion. There are a variety of products available with many high street make-up brands produce complete cover foundations; however there are also companies specialising in skin camouflage.

Can a brown birthmark be removed?

Some birthmarks are suitable for surgical excision, which will completely remove the birthmark but will leave a scar. If you are interested in surgical treatment you will need to see a plastic surgeon. Your GP may be able to advise you further. Some birthmarks are suitable for laser treatment to fade the brown pigment.

Is it OK to wax a birthmark?

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that people avoid waxing skin with moles, varicose veins, or warts, there are plenty of other options such as tweezing, trimming, and snipping to try instead.

What causes brown birthmarks?

Pigmented birthmarks are caused by an overgrowth of the cells that produce color in our skin. There are three types of pigmented birthmarks: café-au-lait spots, moles and Mongolian spots. Pigmented birthmarks can be flat or raised with regular or irregular borders and color that ranges from brown to black to blue.

How can I hide birthmarks on my face?

1 Use a Foundation Brush. If you’re trying to cover up your spots and dots then you should consider using a foundation brush. 2 Try Colored Concealer. 3 Use Loose Powder. 4 Don’t Forget Highlighter. 5 Use a Camouflaging Makeup. 6 Try a Birthmark Removal Cream. 7 Show It off Proudly.

What is a royal birthmark?

9 According to Bloch, belief in the royal birthmark—a mysterious mark on sovereigns’ bodies indicating their royal status—was “one of the most lively superstitions in the Middle Ages,” which gives “a deep insight into the popular mind.”10 It provides evidence of the concept of the sacred and miraculous nature of …

Can Vaseline remove marks?

Use Vaseline® Jelly for Scars By sealing in moisture it also helps to reduce dryness of scarred skin, once your skin has healed. This may help to improve the appearance of scars, making the skin look smoother and softer, as well as help to reduce itchiness caused by dryness.

Can birthmarks be harmful?

Usually birthmarks are only a concern for your appearance. But certain types can increase your risk of skin cancer. If your birthmark bleeds, hurts, itches, or becomes infected, call your health care provider.