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Advanced Dermatology Dermatologic Surgery Incorporated

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Lafene Health Center Kansas State University1105 Sunset Avenue
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Kling, Christopher – Dermatology & Cosmetic Med

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Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates

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Maack, Richard W – Synergi Facial Surgery

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Center For Advanced Skincare

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Muccini, Joseph

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Herluf Gyde Lund Jr

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Christopher Kling, M.D.

222 S. Woods Mill Rd.,Suite 480 North
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Richard William Maack

226 S Woods Mill Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Young, Robert A – Young Robert A

(314) 275-8870
4601 W 109Th St # 118
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Pregnancy Skin Care FAQ in Chesterfield, MO

When should you start Moisturising when pregnant?

Once that pregnancy test comes back positive, start moisturizing the areas where stretch marks are most likely to develop—your belly, lower back, breasts, and hips.

What makes a pregnant woman glow?

When you’re pregnant, your body shifts the production of certain hormones, such as progesterone, increasing the amount of oil that your skin produces. These hormonal shifts cause your skin to look brighter. The increase in blood flow and extra volume also make your skin brighter.

Is Cetaphil safe for pregnant?

“Cetaphil is usually recommended by dermatologists because it is safe to use during pregnancy,” Dr. Segura says. “It can be used daily because it’s a gentle cleanser with safe ingredients, but it will still deep-clean and help gently remove excess oil without drying out your skin.”

Why can’t you use salicylic acid when pregnant?

Prescription salicylic acid is related to aspirin, so taking the oral form of this medication isn’t advised during pregnancy. Studies have shown that taking oral salicylic acid during late pregnancy can increase the risk for intracranial bleeding.

What oils should you avoid when pregnant?

Aniseed. Basil. Birch. Camphor. Clary Sage. Hyssop. Mogwort. Oak Moss.

What is the last organ to develop in a fetus?

The lungs are the last major organ to finish developing. When fully mature, they produce a chemical that affects the hormones in your body.

What is the best face wash during pregnancy?

Best Sensitive Skin Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser This cleanser, which many dermatologists (including those we spoke to for this piece) recommend to their patients, is perfect for pregnant people looking for a gentle option for washing their face and removing makeup.

Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?

Although the risk is small, it is recommended that you wait to get a tattoo until after your baby is born. Little information is available about the safety of skin dyes used for tattooing during pregnancy. It is possible that the chemicals in the dye may affect the development of the baby during the first 12 weeks.

Is salicylic acid safe pregnancy?

Yes, people can safely apply products containing salicylic acid once or twice a day during pregnancy. Cleansers and toners commonly include this ingredient. However, doctors recommended using products containing salicylic acid no stronger than 2 percent. Salicylic acid is a type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA).

What sunscreen brands are pregnancy-safe?

Neutrogena has long been a go-to skincare brand—so rejoice, mamas-to-be: They make pregnancy-safe sunscreen too! This zinc formula is still sheer and dry to the touch, but also free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, dyes and irritating chemicals.

What products should pregnant woman avoid?

Parabens: Keep away from propyl, butyl, isopropyl, isobutyl and methyl parabens. Phthalates: Found in products with synthetic fragrances and nail polishes; avoid diethyl and dibutyl especially. Retinol: Vitamin A, retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, adapalene, tretinoin, tazarotene and isotretinoin.