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Taylor, Susan C – Society Hill Dermatology

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1528 Walnut St – Suite 1101 Dermatologic Surgical Assoc
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Gabay Gottlieb Ent Assocs

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100 E Lehigh Ave
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Ellen J Kim

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3400 Spruce St – 2 Rhoads Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Laser Freckle Removal FAQ in Philadelphia, PA

Are my freckles permanent?

Freckles typically fade away with age and even seasons whereas sun spots tend to stick around longer. Because of this, sun spots can require skin treatments for removal. Are They Harmful? Fortunately, neither freckles or sun spots are harmful.

What is the best laser to remove brown spots?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) IPL is a great treatment to target dark spots. IPL uses multiple wavelengths to treat brown pigmentation and age spots. Common areas include hands, neck, chest, and face. IPL targets melanin-making cells without harming the surface of the skin.

Does coconut oil fade freckles?

The natural vitamins in coconut oil have fantastic healing properties for skin. People who have applied coconut oil to scars and age spots have said that it lightens them and reduces their appearance. It may also help to fade other skin discolorations like stretch marks, freckles, birthmarks, and uneven pigmentation.

What do cancerous freckles look like?

Spot that looks like a new mole, freckle, or age spot, but it looks different from the others on your skin. Spot that has a jagged border, more than one color, and is growing. Dome-shaped growth that feels firm and may look like a sore, which may bleed.

What are the disadvantages of laser treatment?

Irritation and Redness. It is one of the most common disadvantages of laser treatment for the skin. Crusting. Change in Skin Color. Eye Injuries. Skin Infections. Excessive Skin Dryness. It Takes Time for Results to Show. Pigmentation Risk.

Do freckles get darker after IPL?

Individual pigmented spots may appear to darken immediately following an IPL treatment, but they will fade away over time. Your skin may appear red or slightly swollen immediately after treatment, but these symptoms usually disappear the same or next day. You’ll be able to resume normal activities right away.

How many IPL treatments does it take to get rid of freckles?

You may need three to five IPL treatments before the results are complete. The number of treatments depends on the size of the treatment area, or whether you’re hoping just to fade freckles or want them removed entirely. Multiple treatments are typically spaced out and performed after three to six weeks have passed.

What purpose do freckles serve?

Dr. Lisa Arkin. Freckles are composed of an ingredient called melanin, which protects against damage caused by UV light. Your body makes melanin to protect itself from sun damage.

Do brown spots come back after laser?

What to Expect After Laser Treatment. Redness and swelling are normal the day after your laser treatment. Then, within 4-7 days, these spots will begin to flake off like coffee grounds. Whether you choose IPL or a chemical peel, dark spots will come back in the sun.

Are permanent freckles moles?

Freckles and moles are two different types of skin growths. Freckles occur as a result of sun exposure or genetics, whereas moles appear after skin cells develop into a cluster instead of spreading out into the skin.