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Rios Lapinski Plastic Surgery Dermatology

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Chow Jerry Facs

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Rios & Lapinski Plastic Surgery & Dermatologic Institute

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Paula Kaye Lapinski

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Steven W Neubauer

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Vic T Tsai

823 129Th Infantry Dr Ste 103
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Paul Tortoriello

2100 Glenwood Ave
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Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates S C

1135 Broadway St
Joliet, IL 60435

Pregnancy Skin Care FAQ in Joliet, IL

What skincare not to use when pregnant?

Retin-A, Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate. These vitamin A derivatives and others can lead to dangerous birth defects. Tazorac and Accutane. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acids. Essential Oils. Hydroquinone. Aluminum chloride. Formaldehyde. Chemical Sunscreens.

Can I use serums while pregnant?

Vitamin A derivatives (which can be listed under many names, including retinoic acid, tretinoin, palmitate and retinaldehyde) are commonly found in acne treatments and anti-aging serums. Products containing retinols have been linked to severe birth defects and should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I use hyaluronic acid while pregnant?

The use of hyaluronic acid during pregnancy is considered safe and can be used liberally.

What causes baby to have lots of hair?

Lanugo is soft, fine hair covering a fetus while inside the uterus. It helps protect them and keeps them warm while they grow. Some newborns have lanugo covering their bodies at birth, especially if they’re born prematurely. Lanugo can develop in people with eating disorders or certain tumors.

How many weeks pregnant can you have a bath?

Can pregnant women take baths in any trimester? Bathing at any point during the pregnancy can be perfectly safe if, and only if, the proper steps are taken. Use warm or tepid water. Limit baths to 10 minutes or less.

What sunscreen brands are pregnancy-safe?

Neutrogena has long been a go-to skincare brand—so rejoice, mamas-to-be: They make pregnancy-safe sunscreen too! This zinc formula is still sheer and dry to the touch, but also free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, dyes and irritating chemicals.

What parts of the body should not be massaged during pregnancy?

Experts stay safe by avoiding pressure points associated with the pelvis, wrists, hands, and ankles. Due to the risk of blood clots during pregnancy it is also important to avoid deep tissue massage in the legs.

What if I used retinol before I knew I was pregnant?

Despite the low risk suggested by these studies, experts still suggest pregnant women avoid applying vitamin A-based formulations to their skin during early pregnancy. On the other hand, if you have used a cosmetic containing a retinol or a similar vitamin A-like compound during pregnancy, there’s no need to panic.

Why is my face chubby while pregnant?

The typical places that become puffy and swollen are the ankles, feet, legs, fingers, and even the face. Fluid retention is annoying, to be sure, but it’s a necessary evil. Extra fluid builds up during pregnancy as hormones change, which helps to soften the body so it can more easily expand as the baby and uterus grow.

What products should pregnant woman avoid?

Parabens: Keep away from propyl, butyl, isopropyl, isobutyl and methyl parabens. Phthalates: Found in products with synthetic fragrances and nail polishes; avoid diethyl and dibutyl especially. Retinol: Vitamin A, retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, adapalene, tretinoin, tazarotene and isotretinoin.

When do you start belly butter when pregnant?

You don’t have to wait until you start noticing marks. Many creams work as a preventive measure, so it can be helpful to begin using one as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. You can use the cream throughout each trimester and even after you give birth.

What skincare products to use during pregnancy?

Glycolic acid and similar ones — such as azelaic acid — can also help with reducing fine lines, brightening skin, and reducing enhanced skin pigmentation. The ACOG endorses glycolic and azelaic acid as safe to treat acne during pregnancy, in addition to topical benzoyl peroxide and topical salicylic acid.

What face wash is safe during pregnancy?

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser This cleanser, which many dermatologists (including those we spoke to for this piece) recommend to their patients, is perfect for pregnant people looking for a gentle option for washing their face and removing makeup.

Can I use aloe vera on my face while pregnant?

Aloe vera actually contains salicylic acid, one of the commonly known ingredients to be unsafe for use during pregnancy.

What oils should you avoid when pregnant?

Aniseed. Basil. Birch. Camphor. Clary Sage. Hyssop. Mogwort. Oak Moss.