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Reliance JIO Interview Expertise (On-Campus) 2023

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I interviewed for the JIO GET profile by means of a university campus. The whole course of was of two days which include 1 aptitude 1 technical and 1 hr spherical.

Spherical 1(Aptitude+Techincal): It was on the Hacker Earth platform however on a university campus the place jio officers will monitor you.

  • Spherical 1 consists of primary English, DBMS, Guess the output, and a couple of codings.
  • English questions are simple you may clear them even when primary English grammar just a few articles and elements of speech will do.
  • DBMS questions had been reasonable totally on instructions and Constraints.
  • Guess the output half was simple we got a number of codes which had been based mostly on OOP ideas like Inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Coding questions one was reasonable and the opposite was tough you at the least want to unravel one to get a direct interview name.

In the event you clear spherical 1 then you may be despatched to a direct Technical Interview and for those who fail to attain in spherical 1 you may be given second probability by means of Group Dialogue. I managed to clear Spherical 1 a few of my buddies obtained in GD they got frequent subjects like gender equality, money vs cashless, and so on.

Spherical 2(Technical Interview): After spherical 1 spherical 2 was scheduled instantly on the identical day. We had been requested to hold our resumes and it was an offline Interview with 1 panel within the cabin.

The interviewer was largely specializing in the resume and questions had been from the resume itself

  • Introduce your self
  • What are your Hobbies? I mentioned I like enjoying video games so he requested me about my favourite recreation and My laptop computer specs.
  • What’s the Distinction between eighth gen and ninth gen processor?
  • What are DDL, and DML instructions?
  • What’s Normalization? clarify Sorts
  • What are ACID properties?
  • Clarify OOPS ideas.
  • Clarify Polymorphism.

I discussed Information Structured in my resume so he requested me a number of ds questions.

  • What’s Information Construction?
  • Array vs Linked Listing
  • Why is Linked Listing higher than an array?
  • Clarify Sorts of Queue.

The interviewer will focus in your Resume so don’t pretend it in your resume, keep assured, and no want to say any high-end issues like AI, ML or Blockchain, and so on except you’ve got good information of it.

Spherical 3(HR): HR spherical was on the following day. So for those who come by clearing spherical 1 and you’ve got carried out nicely within the Technical spherical this can be only a regular HR spherical however in case you might be coming from GD or have common efficiency in Technical Spherical then it will likely be the TR+HR spherical. For me it was only a primary HR around the interviewer was very Pleasant. On this spherical, they primarily examine your confidence and Humorousness

  • Inform me about your self
  • What’s your loved ones background?
  • Complete members within the household.
  • Are you able to relocate?

After the HR interview, we got here to find out about outcomes from faculty the exact same day round evening 11 pm that we obtained chosen.



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