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Steve Laverson

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Center For Advanced Laser Aesthetics

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Rosacea Treatments FAQ in Carlsbad, CA

How do you stop rosacea from progressing?

Protect your skin from the sun. Minimize stress. Avoid overheating — even during exercise. Simplify your skin care routine. Opt for mild foods. Opt for cold beverages. Limit alcohol. Protect your face from wind and cold.

What is the newest treatment for rosacea?

On April 25, 2022, EPSOLAY®, a collaboration between Sol-Gel Technologies and Galderma, became the newest FDA-approved treatment for mild-to-moderate rosacea. EPSOLAY® contains a proprietary encapsulated cream formulation of benzoyl peroxide 5%.

Does emotional stress cause rosacea?

In a survey of more than 700 rosacea patients, 91 percent reported that emotional stress caused or sometimes caused their rosacea to flare up. Stress reportedly led to frequent flare-ups for 45 percent of the survey respondents and occasional flare-ups for 42 percent.

Can you get rosacea from anxiety?

Stress also triggers rosacea, although the exact mechanism has not been confirmed. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system. Rosacea sufferers may also have some underlying dysregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

What is the number one treatment for rosacea?

Oral antibiotics – Tetracycline antibiotics have been used to treat rosacea for over 50 years. Most commonly, these include doxycycline and minocycline. Other antibiotics, such as erythromycin, are also sometimes used to treat worsening flares.

Can anxiety bring on rosacea?

Stress manifests as an emotion, and it has been proven to trigger rosacea flare-ups just as easily as common physical triggers, such as spicy foods and alcohol. Excess or chronic stress causes the body to overreact, causing dramatic chemical and physical changes.

Does drinking water help rosacea?

Dehydration Drinking water helps wash out toxins that otherwise clog your skin. Rosacea tip: Stay hydrated. Choose icy water to cool your system and keep blood vessels from dilating, the reason behind your red skin.

What is the most effective treatment for rosacea?

Metronidazole. Metronidazole is an antibiotic drug that reduces inflammation. It is very commonly used in the treatment of rosacea. Metronidazole products are applied to the affected areas of skin once or twice a day in the form of a cream, lotion or gel.

Is rosacea caused by vitamin deficiency?

Rosacea and vitamin deficiency Some anecdotal evidence online suggests that vitamin deficiencies, particularly B vitamins, like B-12, may cause rosacea. However, certain vitamins in excess could actually trigger your symptoms.

What happens if rosacea goes untreated?

Without treatment for your skin, rosacea can become more noticeable. For example, the long-lasting flushing can become permanent redness on your face. Spider veins may appear on your cheeks. Some people develop acne-like breakouts.

Is rosacea caused by hormonal imbalance?

The risk of rosacea is higher with menopausal hormone therapy and oral contraceptives and is lower in postmenopausal and multiparous women, suggesting that hormonal factors play a role in the development of rosacea.

What are the four stages of rosacea?

It progresses in stages known as pre-rosacea, mild rosacea, moderate rosacea and severe rosacea and has periods of exacerbation and remission.

Can rosacea go away?

No, rosacea doesn’t go away, but it can be treated. Treatment for rosacea can help you have healthier-looking skin and learn what triggers the flare-ups, so that you can better manage the condition. It’s important to see a dermatologist in order to receive appropriate, effective treatment options for your rosacea.

Why is rosacea serious?

In the most serious cases of rosacea the skin can thicken and form excess tissue, usually around the nose. This causes the nose to take on a large, bulbous appearance (rhinophyma). Rhinophyma is an uncommon, severe symptom of rosacea and takes several years to develop. It almost exclusively affects men.

How do you stop rosacea from spreading?

Protect your skin from the sun. Minimize stress. Avoid overheating — even during exercise. Simplify your skin care routine. Opt for mild foods. Opt for cold beverages. Limit alcohol. Protect your face from wind and cold.