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Sparkly Air Sensor – Open Electronics

By Emanuele Signoretta on August 28, 2022



I needed to please a good friend, an environmentally aware good friend who is worried about mould spores within the air (from damp), moreover he’s an occasional smoker and lives on a reasonably fashionable metropolis highway, so he’s eager to see what’s current within the air so far as focus and air high quality go.

To this finish I’ve obtained:

  • an extra Raspberry Pi Zero WH (zero with wifi and headers – I imagine the one model allowed for a number of purchases),
  • repurposed an previous LCD display (JHD162A),
  • a particle sensor that I had completed experimenting with (Nova Health Sds011),
  • and one in every of my temperature and humidity sensors (Si7021) that’s not match for my functions (wont settle for 100% relative humidity / condensation).

It’s all packaged “comparatively” neatly in a stunning glitter coated cardboard field (low-cost and straightforward to chop/modify).

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