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Boston University Eye Assoc

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Brockton, MA 02301

Viraj Shroff Mehta

1 Pearl St Ste 2300
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Lionel Gordon Bercovitch

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Manohar P Rao

(508) 894-0400
110 Liberty St
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E N T Specialists, Inc.

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35 Pearl St Ste 200
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Leera Mary Briceno

1 Pearl St Ste 2300
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Ronald B Matloff

(508) 580-1020
49 Pearl St
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Lionel G Bercovitch

(508) 894-5100
1 Pearl St – Ste 2300
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George Blumental

49 Pearl St
Brockton, MA 02301

South Shore Dermatology

(508) 894-5100
1 Pearl St, #2300
Brockton, MA 02301

Anne B Bercovitch

(508) 894-5100
1 Pearl St – Ste 2300
Brockton, MA 02301

Eric A Frederickson

(781) 749-9071
680 Centre St
Brockton, MA 02302

Warts Specialists FAQ in Brockton, MA

How do you fight the wart virus?

Salicylic acid: This can generally be found as a liquid, on pads or as a tape, and is applied directly to the wart nightly. Cryotherapy: These over-the-counter sprays, which freeze off the warts, are milder forms of the liquid nitrogen therapies you will find at the dermatologist.

Do warts need to be biopsied?

The majority of warts do not require a biopsy. But a biopsy may be taken if genital warts cannot be easily identified with a physical examination or during a gynecology examination with a lighted magnifying instrument (colposcopy).

Should I worry about HPV warts?

Genital warts are a form of low-risk HPV, and they do not cause cancer. Doctors monitor HPV with Pap tests that look for abnormal cervical cells called lesions. Low-grade lesions — where the changes are only mildly abnormal — often clear up on their own. These are not considered precancerous.

Does apple cider vinegar get rid of warts?

Vinegar burns and gradually destroys the infected skin, making the wart fall off eventually, like the way salicylic acid works. The irritation caused by the acid boosts the immune system’s ability to combat the virus responsible for the wart.

Can warts spread in bed?

Common warts are not very infectious with intact skin, but can be passed by people from sharing bedding, towels or when people pick at their warts, bite their nails and do not properly wash their hands.

Do warts ever stop growing?

Over time, your body will often build up a resistance and fight warts off. But it may take months or as many as 2 years for them to disappear. In adults, warts often stick around even longer, perhaps several years or more. Some warts won’t ever go away.

Why does duct tape work on warts?

Unlike other treatments, duct tape doesn’t seek to treat the underlying virus that causes the wart or to identify the “root” of the wart. Instead, covering a wart with duct tape prevents the virus from spreading further by stopping the wart from contacting other parts of your skin.

Can your immune system get rid of warts?

Warts are almost always harmless for people with a healthy immune system. The body’s immune system often manages to fight the viruses over time, and the warts then disappear on their own.

Can hormones cause warts?

Genital warts in pregnancy Sometimes pregnancy-related hormonal changes can cause warts to bleed or grow. In some cases, they can even block the vagina completely or make it difficult for the tissue to stretch enough to accommodate delivery.

Can your body clear HPV after 5 years?

The longer answer: Most people’s immune systems clear HPV out of their bodies within one to three years. But if the virus lingers for a long time, it can become a part of your DNA, and then potentially cause cancer several decades later. (HPV can find its way into almost every chromosome.)

How can you tell if a wart is HPV?

Your doctor will examine you or take a biopsy (a sample of the wart) to see if you have genital warts. They might draw a blood sample to test for HIV and syphilis. Depending on the results, they may also refer you to a specialist for further testing.

Can super glue remove warts?

Using super glue on warts turns out to be a patented method that works much the same as duct tape, except that when the glue is removed every 6 days, some of the wart is removed with it.

Are HPV warts serious?

Genital warts are common and are caused by certain types of HPV. Genital warts can be annoying, but they’re treatable and aren’t dangerous.

Are warts STD?

Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus is passed on through direct skin-to-skin contact with someone who has HPV on their skin.

Does it hurt to get a wart surgically removed?

Is wart excision painful? The procedure itself is painless because of the numbing medication, but the site will feel tender for a couple of weeks. You may need pain medications after your session.