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Birthmark Treatments FAQ in Vancouver, WA

What is the most common birthmark?

Salmon patches (also called stork bites, angel kisses, or macular stains) are the most common type of birthmark.

Which cream can I use to remove dark spots?

Blue Nectar Natural Vitamin C Face Cream. Glowpink Dark Spot Corrector Cream. Re’ Equil Skin Radiance Cream. Eeza Anti Blemish Face Cream. Dermafique Age Defying Nuit Regenerating Cream. DERMATOUCH Skin Radiance Cream. AURAVEDIC Dark Spot Removal Cream. Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum.

Should you remove birthmarks?

Reasons for Birthmark Removal Most birthmarks do not pose serious health risks or require treatment. Many fade with time and only require observation. However, parents of infants and children with birthmarks can have great concern, especially when the birthmark is very large or in a visible location.

Can laser treatment remove birthmarks?

Birthmarks Laser Removal – This kind of treatment process is most suitable for vascular birthmarks, and a pulsed dye laser is used to destroy the blood vessels causing the mark/blemish. Birthmark Laser removal can also be used for pigmented birthmarks to get rid of all the excess melanin pigment in the cells.

Can birthmarks turn cancerous?

Most birthmarks, such as the common port wine stains and strawberry marks, carry no risk of developing into a cancer. But a very rare type, called a giant congenital melanocytic naevus, can develop into a melanoma if it is larger than 20cm.

How many treatments does it take to remove a birthmark?

In our experience, the best results occur when a series of treatments, usually between four and six, take place over two or three years. The length of each treatment session varies according to whether your child has treatment under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic and the characteristics of their birthmark.

Can permanent makeup cover birthmarks?

Scar & Birthmark Camouflage: Cosmetic tattooing can successfully cover or reduce the visibility of many types of birthmarks and scars.

Can Microneedling remove birthmarks?

If you do have a birthmark that you’d like to remove, we provide photodynamic therapy and microneedling with radiofrequency to stimulate the growth of healthy, new skin cells. * Learn more about photodynamic therapy here and microneedling here.

Does everyone get a birthmark?

While birthmarks are common, not everyone has one. There’s no way to predict if a child will have a birthmark or not. Not having a birthmark isn’t a sign of a particular health condition or a cause for concern. Also, remember that many types of birthmarks fade as children get older.

What happens if you cut off a birthmark?

Shaving or cutting your mole can disfigure your skin and leave a scar if done improperly. Removing a mole without sterile equipment in a nonsurgical condition may lead to infection. If your mole is cancerous, the cells can remain in the skin and spread.

What are birthmarks made of?

Birthmarks are made up of malformed pigment cells or blood vessels. Although the cause of birthmarks is not known, most of them are benign (noncancerous) and do not require treatment. Babies with birthmarks should be examined and diagnosed by a health care provider.

How painful is birthmark removal?

Recovery from birthmark removal treatments is an easy process, with minimal downtime and very little to no pain. Patients can expect to return to work and other normal activities the next day after having the procedure.