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Water Softener Salt Stage Monitor – Open Electronics

By Emanuele Signoretta on August 29, 2022

Water softeners work utilizing a course of known as ion alternate through which calcium and magnesium ions from onerous water are exchanged with sodium chloride (salt) by way of a particular resin. The water goes right into a stress vessel the place it strikes by the resin beads, and the calcium and magnesium are changed by sodium. The resin beads will ultimately grow to be exhausted and unable to choose up any extra onerous minerals. The recharge or regeneration course of passes a salt water resolution by the resin beads which detaches the hardness minerals and flushes them harmlessly to the drain. The resin beads are left refreshed and able to make extra softened water.

Ion alternate water softeners are available many sizes and shapes however all of them have one factor in widespread, a brine tank that wants filling with salt each few weeks to ensure an everyday provide of soppy water. Water softeners will not be precisely enticing items of apparatus and so they’re banished to some inaccessible place that means a particular go to is required to examine the salt stage. Most of the time, the cue for including extra salt comes from family members griping about onerous water.


A match and overlook salt stage sensor is required that may ship a reminder when the salt is low within the softener. On this Instructable, a variety sensor is used to measure the salt stage within the water softener each few hours and the end result posted on ThingSpeak. When the salt stage will get low, ThingSpeak will ship a reminder e-mail to refill the brine tank with salt.
All of the elements for this mission can be found on eBay, as typical, the most cost effective components come from Asia. Even having to purchase all of the elements, the entire price will likely be about US$10. A large number of expertise like soldering or utilizing the Arduino IDE are wanted to make this mission. All these strategies are lined in different Instructables and will not be repeated right here.

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